General Conditions


In accordance with these General Conditions of Travel (GCT), the person or firm (hereinafter called the client) entrusts Cities+Tours (department of Haman Scandinavia AS) to consult, organize and arrange a group tour for participants named by the client. By submitting a booking order to Cities+Tours, you agree to the following General Conditions of Travel – unless stated otherwise in your correspondence regarding this tour.

1. Booking

1.1 In order to ensure a good co-operation, early bookings are recommended (if possible, not less than two months before the start of the tour).

1.2 All reservations must be sent in writing to Cities+Tours and are subject to availability. Reservations will be confirmed in writing by Cities+Tours.

1.3 In order to guarantee the requested rooms/accommodation, Cities+Tours requires a booking status 10 weeks before departure. A rooming list should be presented the latest 35 days before departure.

1.4 If the supplier requires a deposit, Cities+Tours reserves the right to request the same amount from the client in order to assure the services of the supplier.

1.5 For offers which require extensive research, Cities+Tours reserves the right to charge a quotation service fee. This will be refunded upon booking to the invoice amount.

1.6 For bookings including co-called “technical visits / study visits” a fee of €50-100 (or equivalent in another currency) per visit will be charged.

2. Prices and Payment

2.1 The pricing of the group tour is valid for groups of more than 20 persons, or as stated in the offer. If the group consists of less than 20 persons or less than stated in the offer, Cities+Tours reserves the right to charge for additional costs.

2.2 Cities+Tours reserves the right to adjust the prices for reasons that Cities+Tours cannot be held responsible for, such as new or increased charges or taxes, general alterations, increases arising from fluctuations of the exchange rate. The tour prices will be adjusted when the exchange rate increases with more than 5% during the period between the initial booking and the tour departure.

2.3 Children up to 11 years who are accommodated in the parents’ room in an extra bed are given a discount of 30% of the basic package price – all supplements, however, will be charged to the full amount. Children cannot be included in the tiered rates (the valid rate is based on adults only) and the child discount cannot be combined with other discounts. Cities+Tours reserves the right to alter this point if suppliers have other child policies (like airlines).

2.4 The invoice is due 35 days prior to travel or on due date of the invoice. Vouchers and travel documents will be released, only upon receipt of full payment for the tour. Payment by credit card can only be accepted if agreed in advance and a supplementary charge will apply when payment is made by credit card.

3. Insurance

3.1 Travel and cancellation insurances are highly recommended. The client is responsible for informing travelers of the importance of adequate travel insurances.

4. Free of charge

4.1. If the client books a tour for at least 15 paying participants, one person may travel free of charge on the same basic tour arrangement (from 15 paying participants-1 free, from 30 paying participants- 2 free). This regulation is valid unless stated otherwise in the offer. Driver and guide get a single room at the hotels without any costs and single cabins on the ferries. This FOC policy is valid unless stated otherwise in the offer. For groups with local driver and guide booked through Cities+Tours, the first and the second FOC will be given to the driver and the tour guide.

5. Withdrawal by the client and adjusted booking

5.1 The client may cancel a tour for a whole group on the following conditions if not stated otherwise in the correspondence regarding your tour. All cancellations must be done in writing and the percentages mentioned are based on the cost of the whole tour.
a) 35 days prior to start:                               no cost
b) 30 days prior to start:                               5%
c) 29-15 days prior to start:                          75%
d) From 14 days prior to start:                       100%  

5.2 Bookings with a changed travel date made by the client are considered as withdrawals with a following new booking.

5.3 The client may cancel single places on the following conditions if not stated otherwise in the correspondence regarding your tour. All cancellations must be done in writing.

a) 30 days prior to start:                               no cost* *max 10% of the group, otherwise see 5.1.c.
b) 29-4 days prior to start:                            50%* *min €50, NOK 500, SEK 500)

c) From 3 days prior to start:                        100%

5.4 If individual participants end the tour before the tour has ended, the client cannot claim any refunds from Cities+Tours, regardless for which reason the participant had to end the tour.

5.5 For reasons of higher power, Force Majeure, strikes, epidemics, disasters etc, Cities+Tours reserves the right to cancel the booked tour. Normal cancellation terms will apply for services that cannot be consumed due to this kind of cancellation and no further claims will be accepted.

6. Unused Services

6.1 If the client does not use all and or part of the services as arranged/organized to their full extent, no refunds will be granted by Cities+Tours.

7. Withdrawal from contract by Cities+Tours

7.1 If the client has not delivered a participation list 35 days before departure, Cities+Tours reserves the right to cancel the whole group in order to avoid cancellation costs from the suppliers.

7.2 Cities+Tours can withdraw from the contract when the tour cannot be carried out as a result of force majeure e.g. strikes, political upheavals or acts of war, epidemics, disasters, etc. The payments already made will be refunded to the client,less any unrecoverable costs. No further claims will be accepted. 

7.3 If Cities+Tours must cancel a group tour arrangement, Cities+Tours will – if possible – offer a similar tour and within the given time. The client is not obliged though, to accept the new offer.

8. Changes of Programme

8.1 In the interest of the client, Cities+Tours reserves the right to change certain travel services already agreed upon, such as accommodation, transport, methods of transport, excursions etc. to a similar or higher standard before the start of the group tour.

8.2. Changes in the program made by the client with less than 13 days prior to departure will be charged €20 (or equivalent in another currency) per change.

8.3. Program changes made by the client within 3 days prior to departure or after the tour has commenced are possible. However, in these cases a fee will apply to amendments made.

9. Haman’s Liability

9.1 As a mediator, Cities+Tours, has the obligation to choose all services carefully, and to prepare the tour in the best way possible.

9.2 In case services are not fully carried out due to the error of Cities+Tours, Cities+Tours reserves the right to provide equivalent services in compensation. In this case, further damage claims are not accepted.

9.3 Subject to the settlement in Paragraph 9.2, in case a breach of contract is committed, the direct liability of Cities+Tours for immediate loss or injury to the client subsists, provided that the breach was not caused by force majeure or the behavior of the client or a tour participant, and that it is a question of the non-performance of a promised service or an alteration of services which has less value than the service agreed upon in the original agreement. The amount of this liability is restricted by the sum of the agreed cost of the tour.

9.4 Furthermore, the providers of the various services are personally liable to the client in case the services are not being carried out in a satisfying way or to their full extent, contrary to the expectations.

9.5 The liability of the individual coach, shipping and other transport companies contracted by Cities+Tours for the purpose of organizing a group tour, depends on the appropriate laws of the General Conditions of Business, the contract obligations and on common usage.

9.6 Any arising complaints must be directed to the supplier with a copy to Cities+Tours immediately and confirmed in writing. If complaints cannot be solved on the spot by the supplier or with the help of Cities+Tours’ emergency phone, they have to be directed to the supplier with a copy to Cities+Tours in writing within 15 days after the end of the tour. Later claims will not be taken into consideration.

9.7 All photographs and graphical content appearing in our material are property of their owners, or publishers. They are for demonstration purposes only and are not to be downloaded or reproduced in any way. Images from Google Maps are property of Google Inc., or its subsidiaries. If photographs or graphical content is reproduced, the intellectual property owner must be contacted and give permission for usage.

Neither Cities+Tours nor Haman Scandinavia AS is to be held liable if the client neglects copyright laws. 

10. Various Conditions

10.1 Every participant is responsible for providing his own valid travel documents (i.e. passport, visa, vaccination certificates etc.)

Cities+Tours will however be happy to assist in obtaining the necessary visa when required. The visa costs are not included in the tour price.

10.2 The client is furthermore personally responsible to follow the various transport regulations, i.e. road regulations including load limits, AETR – regulations concerning working hours etc. Road fees are not included in the tour price unless otherwise stated.

10.3 By air transportations, the client is responsible for the tour participants to meet all applicable rules & regulations for the flight. Airline taxes are generally included in the flight- or tour price unless stated otherwise. These taxes might however change upon ticketing. 

10.4 Court of Arbitration: Oslo Court

Updated August 2022