Meet the team

At Cities+Tours, our small team is made up of dedicated travel and tourism experts who are deeply passionate about Scandinavia. Today, we invite you to meet our team members. Get to know the people whose expertise make Cities+Tours your trusted partner for all things Scandinavia. Read more

FAM Trip Faroe Islands

Anna and Maria Cities+Tours, went on a FAM trip to the picturesque Faroe Islands in April 2024. Accompanied by Stéphanie and Michelle from Haman Scandinavia and Terra Nova, they explored the unique landscapes and cultural experiences the Faroe Islands offer. Read more

Sustainability in practice

Not long ago, we were awarded the Travelife Partner status, which we are very proud of. Our next goal is to reach the Travelife Certified status. To do this, we must fulfil several criteria and one of them is to practise sustainability. Read more

11 sustainable travel tips

How do you travel responsibly when travelling in another country? Becoming a responsible traveller is actually quite easy. Learn these easy and effective ways to travel more environmentally friendly and responsible. Read more