Our journey to sustainability

Travelife Certification

We are proud that Cities+Tours and the rest of the Haman Group have started working towards a Travelife for Tour Operators & Travel Agents Certificate in Sustainable Tourism. In June 2022, we were awarded Travelife Partner Status, an important step on our journey to sustainability. We are one of only five companies in Norway to have reached the Travelife Partner award to date.

Annual Sustainability Report 2023

People – Planet – Profit

With a conscientious and sustainable focus, we aspire to be Scandinavia’s most reliable and innovative travel provider. We will achieve this by simultaneously working on the three P principle.

People: Ensure that our operations benefit the company’s employees as well as the community in which it conducts business.

Planet: Select and create travel experiences that don’t negatively impact the ecosystem.

Profit: Create employment, generate innovation, pay taxes, create wealth and support local travel enterprises by developing a stable year-around revenue stream.

Swedish Society for Nature Conservation

On our journey to sustainability, Cities+Tours and the rest of Haman Group, will be supporting the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation with a donation. 

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation is a non-profit environmental organisation with the power to bring about change. They spread knowledge, chart environmental threats, propose solutions and influence politicians and authorities, both nationally and internationally. Under democratic forms, they work with around 40 organisations in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, and also participate in various networks globally and within the EU. Read more about the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.

Become a more sustainable traveller

Becoming a sustainable traveller is a lot easier than you might think – and we’ve put together a few simple tips on how to make your trip to Scandinavia just a little bit greener. No action is ever too small to make a difference. Read the article below to learn more: